Gallery 209

En la vida real (In real life), 2019

Eliasson has been working with mirrors and reflections since the mid-1990s. In this room, Your spiral view (2002), Your planetary window (2019), and a series of hanging works—Cold wind sphere (2012), Stardust particle (2014), and In real life (2019)—are brought together.

For the artist, these artworks offer more than just a playful visual experience. In Your spiral view and Your planetary window, for example, multiple reflections reconfigure what you see. You are offered different perspectives at once, and understand your position in new ways. You might let go of the sense of being in command of space, and instead enjoy a kind of uncertainty.

Each work is structured by a complex yet regular geometric principle. The artist is particularly interested in spirals, as they create a sense of energy within the object and outside it through the shadow and light play on the surrounding walls.

In Your imaginary future (2020), a semicircular arc mounted to a mirror on the ceiling visually combines with its reflection to create the illusion of a giant ring that traverses the mirror’s surface, uniting the actual space of the gallery with the virtual space that appears in the mirror.