Project: One group, multiple looks


24 sixth-grade students from Munoa School, Barakaldo

Teacher: Eneritz Leniz

Artist: Ixone Sádaba

Language: Spanish

Being 11 and 12 years old and doing things such as building your personal identity, appreciating the differences between individuals, and yet identifying yourself as a member of a group can be really interesting. The artistic activities carried out in this project made the children reflect on their background, think about who they are, what they like, what their place, their school and their family are like… Feelings, confidence and teamwork were three of the aspects involved in the process.

Drawing what you see when you look at clouds in the sky is a free, imaginative activity that exhibits the many individual ways of looking at things, all of them equally valid. These differences within a group increase its richness. Taking a notebook and a camera, the children explored their environment with the aim of capturing the essence of their community. They took notes of their every impression on what they had observed and photographed, as if they were true scientists. The individual perspectives mingled with the collective one in a large mural they did together. Arguments arouse but agreements were reached soon, self-esteem was strengthened and brought the group closer together: Mission accomplished!

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