007Obra LTA 2019
Past exhibition

Learning Through Art 2019

06.18.2019 - 09.15.2019

Art as a working tool

Talking about art and being part of a creative process led by an artist can help elementary schoolchildren deal with curricular subjects from a different angle.

Many students learn better through active learning and choice. This program encourages questions, kindles curiosity, promotes new inspiring ideas, and stimulates the excitement of discovery.

Every project is bespoke and unique. Their open design makes it possible to adjust them in order to meet individual needs and skills, which often means making room for improvisation, play, exploration, trial and error. Students embark on artistic processes that encourage them to think, discern, try, choose, doubt, have fun, get lost, experience creative block and, of course, make mistakes—for without mistakes there are no lessons, no progress.

The end of the school year is the time to share conclusions on the creative process. As in every artistic development process, the exhibition is the cherry on the cake: the process comes full circle and the audience sees and receives the product of creation. Like every summer, the Education Room at the Museum gets filled with works of art. This year, from June 18 to September 15, visitors can take a look at the various sections they have been grouped into: Writing, where language, words and writing play a key role; Recycling and Consumption, which brings together works that invite reflection on this topic; Maps, Architectures, and Nature, which includes bird’s-eye views, itineraries and scale models; and Films and Photos, a gathering of landscapes and people, stop-motion animation, performance, and other creations. Schoolchildren are invited to the opening event, along with their teachers and the artists they have worked with. Having their artwork exhibited at the Museum is the perfect way to end an exciting year, boosting their self-esteem and giving them recognition they will never forget.



Inaki Gracenea

Gracenea, Iñaki

The village and the city; representation and experience; from evocation to structure. We took a step back to take a look at the infinite world around us and then moved closer so as not to miss small details. We shared experiences, we converged in...

Zaloa Ipiña

Ipiña, Zaloa

Because of its characteristics, this program helps schoolchildren understand certain topics from a freer yet complex perspective. The continuity of our sessions helped us explore alternatives on a subject, try different exercises, repeat or...

Nerea Lekuona

Lekuona, Nerea

The children I worked with learned to look at the things around them with the eyes of an artist, thus finding opportunities where there seemed to be none. We used school materials: book cover film, felt-tip pens, rulers, maps… objects the...

Karlos Martínez Bordoy

Martínez Bordoy, Karlos

Going back to school was a curious, positive experience. We all worked in groups—the students, the teacher and myself—on the dynamics of boycott, experimentation and error, and we learnt to come to our own conclusions avoiding value judgments....

Manu Muniategiandikoetxea

Muniategiandikoetxea, Manu

Working with kids requires adapting your language and artistic discourse. The process is stimulating and enriching just because you have to try to show what you do with the same concepts, but in other words. Every subject, no matter how complex,...

Jorge Rubio

Rubio, Jorge

Imagination is not just an escape route but also a powerful driving force in creativity. It is one of our most powerful tools for expression and communication, for self-knowledge and transformation. We should nourish and expand our imagination so...

Ixone Sádaba

Sádaba, Ixone

How do we build our identity? How do we construct our differences while being part of a group and identifying ourselves in it? Going from childhood to adolescence is complicated; we leave many things behind and welcome others—not without fear....

Ibon Sáenz de Olazagoitia

Sáenz de Olazagoitia, Ibon

Stimulating skills such as creativity and imagination in schoolchildren? Encouraging them to leave insecurities and fears aside? Telling them they can be artists? Of course! We just need the right circumstances, and the Learning Through Art...

Manu Uranga

Uranga, Manu

Using non-conventional materials and techniques and getting rid of ready-made ideas about art was essential in these workshops. Creative practices can bring hidden topics or concepts, or even unnoticed concerns or reasons, to light. We began work...