What's in the sky?

Artist: Maider López
Media: painting and performance
School: C.P. Leka Enea-Anaka (Irún)
Year: 2nd
Related areas: Social and Natural Sciences
Teacher: Begoña Alkalde


To look at certain curricular subjects in a different way, such as study of the solar system; to learn the names and characteristics of the planets; and to practically observe how rotation of the Earth and the Moon generate daytime and nighttime, or how the seasons follow one another.


Video camera, pencils, large pieces of card, cardboard 120 cm in height, tempera paints and paintbrushes.


  1. The Sun, the Earth and the Moon are represented on large colored sheets of card.
  2. On cutting out the circles, the difference in scale between them is maintained.
  3. The students play out the movements of the Earth around the Sun and of the Moon satellite around the Earth.
  4. To do this, each student, with the card representing the Earth, the Sun and of the Moon on their heads, rehearses the rotation and translation movements in the school playground.
  5. The choreography is filmed from above using a video camera.
  6. The students are given the challenge of representing all the planets in the solar system, in addition to the Sun and the Moon.
  7. On pieces of cardboard measuring approx. 120 x 120 cm the students paint nine murals, representing the planets and the Sun.
  8. When the paint is dry, each student wraps themselves in one of the pieces of cardboard symbolizing one of the planets and turns into the planet in question.
  9. Inside the cardboard, they rehearse the movements and orbits of the planets in the solar system.
  10. A video is made of the performance involving the body, movement and team work.