Toward the Ultramarine (Verso oltremare), 1984

[…] In the series Toward the Ultramarine, some triangular stone slabs measuring more than three metres tall rest on the ground, held in place by a knot, with their top end pointing towards a rectangle of ultramarine blue painted on the wall, almost touching it.

I used this color as a material, as a strip of land, as a compass, rather than as a color in the strict sense of the word. In ancient times, the color ultramarine was brought to Europe from afar, from beyond the sea as a matter of fact... and it is for this reason that it got its name. It is a spatial indication of a place that lies around us in all directions. On Earth, in fact, whichever direction you choose to go, sooner or later there will always be an ultramarine, an overseas.

In this piece, the stone leans ‘toward the ultramarine’ as a color and ‘toward the ultramarine’ in a spatial sense.

Giovanni Anselmo