Curricular subject: Science

22 students, 1st grade

Teachers: Maibe San Nicolás, Ascensión Pérez, Ibai Esteban

Artist: Ibon Garagarza

Language: Basque

In this case, the program combines Science with Art, enabling the students to take a fresh look at the former subject. In the words of artist Ibon Garagarza, “In their practice, many artists bring art and science or art and technology together. Art and science seem to offer opposing views of reality. However, artists like Olafur Eliasson show us that they can go hand in hand.”

The students had to learn about the different states of water, its vital importance, and its sustainable use. So, they worked with materials that change when water is added to or removed from them like paint, clay, and plaster, all of which have also played important roles in the history of art. With clay–a solid but malleable material–they were able to see and explain the changes of matter. Using different types of clay, they made containers in various sizes and shapes where they could carry water, plant seeds, etc. Transforming plaster with water, they made casts that enabled them to play with the concepts of positive and negative molding.

“Ultimately, the idea is to ask questions, sometimes in order to find an answer and understand something, other times without getting an answer and just being awestruck. In fact, estrangement and amazement were our guiding lights throughout the project,” Ibon remarks.