Photon 999 | Hiro Yamagata | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition

Hiro Yamagata, Photon 999

10.31.2001 - 12.02.2001

Photon 999 is the title of Hiro Yamagata's installation at the Guggenheim Museum Biblao. The name refers to the particles of light that are an essential part in the development of laser technology. The installation comprises fifteen strategically situated lasers which project beams of color that are reflected in a complex structure built on the Museum facade, thereby integrating the Museum architecture into the work itself. A walkway specially built in the pond simulates a corridor through which visitors enter a space made solely of light, virtually transporting them to a new dimension.


Hiro Yamagata
Photon 999
Laser installation
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