Your World, Your City | Miquel Navarro | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition

Laboratories: Insights into the Permanent Collection. Miquel Navarro

09.16.2008 - 01.11.2009

In this edition of Laboratories, the series of educational exhibitions devoted to works belonging to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collection, Miquel Navarro offers us the possibility to examine his work from a different perspective, through the interaction with his work Your World, Your City (Tu mundo, tu ciudad), 2003, within the activities carried out during the exhibition.

Miquel Navarro (Mislata, Valencia, 1945) is considered one of the most personal artists in contemporary sculpture. Your World, Your City, 2003, is a work created by the artist with a strong educational purpose, in which the public's interaction with the elements that make up the work and its continuous construction and deconstruction process are fundamental premises for him. Navarro's ciudades (cities) generate spaces to compare ideas. In his artistic trajectory, the sculptor has reexamined our idea of space, the construction of places and our own body as a singular measurement of the human and the city. His sculptural landscapes, inspired on the urban fabric, are made up of architectural elements that act as formal vehicles to experience the landscape of the city.

These large humanized metropolises in lead, zinc and aluminium stretch out into the horizon, halted only by the towers, emblematic structures that shoot up vertically and invade the space. Navarro invites us to navigate in these urban installations, shaped by small variable pieces and to reflect on the notion of human scale and on the difference and the convergence between the real and the imaginary. The order and disorder of our industrial society is proven in these sculptures, which sum up and give expression to Navarro's discourse on the dialectic between architecture and sculpture in all its complexity. According to the artist, "even my most schematic sculptures, while still being figurative, allow man's path to be followed".


Miquel Navarro
Your World, Your City (Tu mundo, tu ciudad), 2003
Overall dimensions variable
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa