Learning Through Art 2004 | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition

Learning Through Art 2004

06.15.2004 - 07.11.2004

This exhibit presents a selection of artwork by 179 schoolchildren from the ages of 6 to 12 created throughout the school year with help from artists and their own teachers. At the end of each year a selection of the artwork made by the boys and girls who have participated in Learning Through Art is put on display in the galleries of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. They learn by creating, watching, thinking, doing, speaking, experiencing… and they love what they do! Art and artistic creation become valuable tools for learning, and for observing and better understanding the world around us. Any subject, whether mathematics, history, language arts or geography becomes easier and more engaging from the perspective of art. The creative process also involves the development of basic skills when it comes to planning, developing and finishing projects, working in teams, respecting the work and opinions of others, writing, speaking and debating.

In Bizkaia: Txurdinaga in Bilbao, Zorrotza-Fray Juan de Zorroza in Bilbao, Romo in Getxo, and Elejabarri in Bilbao. In Guipuzkoa: Elizalde in Oiartzun, Domingo Aguirre in Legazpi, and Karmelo Etxegarai in Azpeitia. In Álava: San Prudencio and Barrutia both in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Manu Muniategiandikoetxea, Julio Hernández, Oier Etxeberria, Ibón Garagarza, Nerea Aizpurua, Inés Carcoba, Iñaki Gracena, Mercedes Périz, Aiora Kintana, and Alex Carrascosa.