Wall City | Miquel Navarro | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Past exhibition

Miquel Navarro: Wall City

01.24.2004 - 05.23.2004

Miquel Navarro (Mislata, Valencia, 1945) is considered one of the most singular voices in contemporary Spanish sculpture. Wall City (1995–2000) —recently acquired for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s Permanent Collection and presented now for the first time in the Museum—is representative of Navarro’s work, who began his artistic endeavor painting and drawing in the mid-sixties. By 1973 he executed his first City, part of an ongoing series of cityscapes, modified architectural structures constructed from a broad range of materials.

Navarro’s cities generate arenas for the confrontation of ideas. Throughout his career, he has continually proposed a revision of our notions of space, construction, place, and of our own bodies as a singular measure of the human and the city. Inspired by modern urban patterns, his sculptural landscapes are replete with architectural elements acting as formal vehicles for our city-shaped experience.

These huge humanized metropolises in lead, zinc, and aluminum stretch along the horizon, punctuated by towers—emblematic space-invading structures rocketing skywards. Navarro invites us to navigate these urban installations and to think about the notion of human scale and the difference between the real and the cerebral. Highlighting order and disorder in industrial society, these works capture Navarro’s particular take on the dialectic between architecture and sculpture. According to the artist, "Even my most schematic sculptures, without entirely abandoning the figurative, always bear the marks of man."


Miquel Navarro
Wall City (Ciudad muralla), 1995–2000
Aluminum and zinc
Overall dimensions variable
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa