Hongik University, Seúl

Our Sustainable Future: Re-think & Re-design

We are living in an age of transformation in nature, limits and mind. Pollution and global warming are the real threats we need to resolve. Overpopulation and waste push us to the limits to find new hope in an unknown world. Digital technology creates Metaverse and Cryptocurrency, which lead us to the value revolution.

For our sustainable future, the Hongik University team presents mobility design heroes to take us beyond our limits: Innovator, Challenger, Dreamer. Innovator is the mobility design solution for sustainability in the future. This suggests a practical solution for urban life. Challenger proposes pioneering a new hope in the future. This will lead us to the unknown world where we can find new hope. Dreamer defines the mobility design in the Metaverse where we do not have any limits in abilities or individuality. This will be the new myth of the future generation to explore our future minds.

With these three mobility design heroes, we draw the future from the current Competition/Growth-oriented world to the new world of Co-existence/Sustainability.


Jun Hyuck Eoh, Keun Lee

Team Members
Dong Hyeok Choi, Je Sub Kim, Se Joon Kim, So Jeong Ko, Seungah Lee, Kyung Taek Lim, Sung Guk Park, Hyewon Seo

Hyundai Motors, South Corea
Kilo Design, South Corea
MecaLab, South Corea
Daejin Tech Industry Co., South Corea
Keit, South Corea
Hongik Smart Mobility Center, South Corea