Elssie Ansareo | Artistas | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

Born on September 24.


Moves from Mexico City to Bilbao to study fine arts at the Universidad del País Vasco, earning a degree in 2003.


Takes part in El cuerpo como obsesión, a photography workshop organized by the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.
Wins second honorable mention in a competition sponsored by Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa for photography projects based on Basque capital cities.
Presents the exhibition Variaciones de piel at Elgoibar Ongarri Kultur Etxea, Elgoibar, Spain.


Takes part in El desnudo naturaleza viva, a workshop organized by Huesca Imagen in Huesca, Spain.


Receives a grant for studio space at Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa.
Awarded a fine arts grant by Fundación Endesa. Ansareo’s series Vuela Eolo (2003) is presented at the Fàbrica de Licors Espai Fotogràfic in Palma de Mallorca and her series Mayo (2003) is presented at Espacio Marzana in Bilbao.
Her work is featured in the exhibition Dosmil3 dePRESIÓN at Galería Windsor Kulturgintza in Bilbao and in El paisaje at Espacio Marzana in Bilbao.


Enrolls in the doctorate program in contemporary art “Pensamiento y praxis en el arte contemporáneo” at the Universidad del País Vasco.
Exhibits at the Aula de Cultura Ignacio Aldecoa in Vitoria, the Centro Cultural Bastero Kulturgunea in Andoain, Galería Arteko in San Sebastián, and the Aula de Cultura in Amorebieta, Spain.


Awarded a special mention in the Libros Únicos photography competition, sponsored by Fundación Cajamurcia as part of Fotoencuentros 05 in Murcia, Spain.
Ansareo’s work is selected for Generación 2006, organized by Obra Social Caja Madrid.
Receives an Ayudas a la Creación grant from the Centro Cultural Montehermoso in Vitoria, Spain, to create her series Relatives (2006). Her work is featured in the exhibition Síntesis: 15 años de Becas Endesa at the main headquarters of Endesa in Madrid.

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