Sergio Prego | Artistas | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

Born on March 25.


Earns a degree in fine arts from the Universidad del País Vasco.


Receives a grant from the provincial government of Guipúzcoa.


Awarded second prize at the XXXVI Certamen de Artistas Noveles de Guipúzcoa in San Sebastián and consolation prize for painting in the Gure Artea competition sponsored by the Basque government. Moves to New York.


Prego’s work is included in Gure Artea 1996.


Begins working at Vito Acconci’s studio in New York; will continue working there until 2002. Premieres the video Tetsuo (Bound to Fail) on Canal Bizkaia; the video is produced by Consonni, with the collaboration of Arteleku in San Sebastián, and Canal Bizkaia, with the support of the Basque Ministry of Culture, Prego’s work is included in XIV Muestra de Arte Joven, organized by the Instituto Nacional de la Juventud in Madrid. Exhibits at Galería Antonio de Barnola in Barcelona.


Prego’s Tetsuo (Bound to Fail) is included in Gure Artea 2000. Participates in the exhibition Trasvases: Artistas españoles en vídeo , which travels to the Centro Cultural de España in Lima, Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aires, and Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City.

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