Yves Klein | Artistas | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

Born on April 28, the son of artists Fred Klein and Marie Raymond.


Takes a judo class, where he meets Claude Pascal and Armand Fernández (known as Arman). Composes his first piece of music, Symphonie monoton-silence, which he will continue to work on in the following few years.


Creates his first monochrome paintings.


Conceives the idea for fire and water fountains.


Studies Japanese at the École Nationale des Langues Orientales in Paris and travels to Japan to continue studying judo and Zen philosophy.


Travels to Madrid as the new director of the Spanish Judo Federation, where he will show his monochrome paintings. Publishes two volumes of monochromes, one under the pseudonym Haguenault.


Settles in Paris. Has his first public exhibition, Yves: Peintures, at the Club des Solitaires, in the private salons of the Éditions Lacoste publishing house in Paris. Klein’s Expression de l’univers de la couleur mine orange is rejected by the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris.

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