Tsinghua University

Shenzhen Future Mobility Hub

The Institute for Future Human Habitat Studies is one of today’s newest and most interdisciplinary schools of architecture. Of the seven themed fields offered by the Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS), Future Human Habitat Studies focus on upcoming challenges addressed by architects and planners, using latest technologies to position the individual, collective, and spatial needs of tomorrow’s societies.

Mobility is a focal point. Urban—and, importantly, circular—mobility of people, goods, and services requires ingenious solutions to wicked problems. Through digitally-based research activities integrated in the Master of Architecture, students, educators, and researchers collectively explore avenues toward responsible mobility without sacrificing time, comfort, or conscience. The exhibited projects “Weaving City,” “Plan BEE” and “Zero-Gravity City” profile the determination behind Tsinghua SIGS and the Institute for Future Human Habitat Studies.


Louise Holloway, Peter Russell, Gao Yan, Tom Verebes

Team Members
Abdullah Almohaisen, Shefali Chari, Gao Mengrong, Chester Goh, Manpreet Hanspal, Hong Yuhan, Li Yingyue, Mo Sifeng, Siddhi Rathi, Akshita Rathore, Rithik Reddy, Shreya Shahane, Tang Hao, Shukwan Tung (Ken), Thivya Velusamy, Chen Wei, Wei Tianxi, Xu Zhiwei

BYD Auto Co., Ltd, China
New York Institute of Technology, USA