Umeå Institute of Design

Speculative Mobility

This presentation features a selection of recent graduation projects that propose future mobility concepts ranging from advanced automobiles to airborne and marine transportation solutions. Such projects were done during the final semester of studies at our 2-year Master of Fine Arts specialization in transportation design. Being this a supervised yet individually driven process, the graduating students were expected to demonstrate their ability to identify relevant design opportunities, and to conduct their work in a creative, critical, self-standing and professional manner. An underlining element in all graduation work done at UID is the exploration around what responsible transportation design could be in the future. The strategic, speculative, and conceptual nature of these projects aim to trigger public discussion about what kinds of futures (and mobility) our society would wish to have

Demian Horst, Jonas Sandström

Team Members
Wanyi Du, Max Troicher, Lars Welten, David Wolter

Geely Auto, China
BMW AG, Germany