Universidad de Navarra

Think Global, Act Local

In discussions of sustainable mobility, the sole focus tends to be on large cities, since in countries like Spain they comprise 80% of the population. But there is another reality, the reality of rural environments, where the private vehicle is the only alternative that can ensure adequate mobility and therefore access to many key services. A large number of people, however, don’t have access to a car—for reasons of age, dependency, costs, etc.—and to take care of essential needs they depend on friends, relatives, and neighbors.

The University of Navarra presents an autonomous, shared, and sustainable rural mobility ecosystem, in order to build a network of connections with other urban centers. This ecosystem favors connected infrastructures that make communication easier, the implementation of autonomous vehicles powered by clean energies that reduce emission and the evolution of shared services, eliminating a culture of vehicle ownership.


Javier Antón Sancho, Paz Morer Camo

Team Members
Aitor Cazón Martín, Fernando Manuel Alonso Pedrero, Romualdo Bertomeu Cubells, Álvaro Fernández Gil, Alaya Galán Ormazabal, Leire Gómez Olagüe, Iñigo Gutierrez, Jorge Izaguirre Goñi, Maria Isabel Rodríguez Ferradas, Lucía Ruiz Ullate, Juan Sola Belloso, María Fernanda Suazo Espinoza, Irene Ugidos Arias, Warren Dave Santiago Reyes

Grupo Antolin, Spain
Centro Tecnológico CEIT‑BRTA, Spain
Parklex, Spain
SQAdrones, Spain
Ecomagnet, Spain