In the course of the 20th century, new technologies impacted on artistic creations in many ways, due to their direct incorporation in the field of art—as in the case of film and photography—or the repercussions they brought. This course aims to establish general guidelines for approaching contemporary art, based on the fact that today we must face works of art with a new perceptive sensibility. Led by Lourdes Cirlot


Module I

October 22: Photography and film as artistic expressions of two, somehow opposing avant-garde movements: Futurism and Dadaism.

November 5: Photomontage as derived from Cubist collage and the Surrealist symbolic object.

November 19: Technology at the core of the Bauhaus in Dessau.

December 10: Tour of temporary exhibition.

Module II

February 4, 2020: The role of Black Mountain College in North Carolina: Assemblage, environment, and happening.

February 18: Silkscreen printing, underground film, and advertising in British and American Pop Art.

March 3: Toward the dematerialization of art: Minimalism and Land Art in the United States.

March 17: Tour of temporary exhibition.

Module III

April 21: Action Art and performance, from Gutai (in Japan) to Fluxus (in Europe and the USA). Film and “living brushes” in French Nouveau Réalisme.

May 5: Video art: from monumental video sculptures to the most amazing digital art creations.

May 19: Art on the web: artistic expressions that were unthinkable in the past and are shared with a global audience today.

June 2: Tour of temporary exhibition.