This course, structured into a number of workshops, connects architecture to other arts and crafts, while exploring the planning of cities and their relationship with the environment. Along this educational and recreational process, we will be using different techniques, in addition to games and stories. Taught by Maushaus.

Ages: 6–11

Second term: January 15–March 26

This three-month module is conceived of as a series of progressive workshops to unfold from January to March. Occasionally, and subject to availability, people may be able to attend individual workshops.

January 15: Color Workshop
January 22: Sitting in the Air
January 29: Checkmate!
February 5: Set Designs
February 12: Gunta’s Loom
February 19: Textures
February 26: Dark Lab
March 5: Pottery Workshop
March 12: Let There Be Light!
March 19: Atelier Rouge I
March 26: Atelier Rouge II