Art After Dark: BLOND:ISH + Aníbal Gómez + MADEL

12 am: BLOND:ISH (Kompakt, Get Physical, Canada)
Style: Electronic

Originally from Montreal but currently living in London, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann are BLOND:ISH. They started out the BLOND:ISH party as a sort of coming together between two house music-lovers and they became promoters and DJs, whose natural next step was to transmit their hedonistic spirit to the rest of the planet Earth. They produce organic, multi-dimensional music. Basslines, smooth textures, and sticky vocals blend into a genre of house that rebels against being pigeonholed to any specific category. They have releases on labels including Kompakt, Noir Music, NM2, and Get Physical. Their on-stage act could be described as organized chaos, and their experiments know no limits, taking them to the singular Burning Man Festival, where they’ve let their hippie spirit run free for four years.

11 pm: ANÍBAL GÓMEZ (Ruido Paraíso, Ojete Calor, Muchachada Nui)  
Style: Music Forever

Aníbal Gómez is an actor, composer, and singer. A name that spans two worlds; on the one hand the mad —chanante— universe responsible for rewriting the rules of humor on national TV with seminal programs including Muchachada Nui, and on the other, Spanish alternative pop. Proof of this nuttiness is Ojete Calor, the group Gómez created with Carlos Areces a whole decade back and who founded the Subnopop. Today Gómez has released his first solo CD, under the alias of Ruido Paraíso. Now he comes to Bilbao as a DJ, one of his more innovative aspects, something he’s been doing since the beginning of the century with an eclectic session, packed with the big hits in all sorts of styles including techno pop, dance and rock.

10 pm: MADEL (Madelman / Chico y Chica / Austrohúngaro / Pink Fever)
Style: Radical chic 

Composer and producer, not to mention DJ at the Pink Fever Club, Madelman is one of the most sought-after techno pop DJs. His group Chico y Chica is one of the mainstays of his generation, keeping audiences hooked and charmed for more than a decade, with no barriers of age, genre or fashion. As a DJ his style is rebellious, fickle, modern and original. He combines equal amounts of here-and-now with sophistication, snobbery with authenticity.


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