12:00 midnight: FORT ROMEAU (Permanent Vacation/Cin Cin, UK)
Style: Electronic music

Mike Greene, aka Fort Romeau, has been all over the USA and Europe, from Detroit’s Movement Festival to Berlin’s Panorama Bar. With his acclaimed second LP released on Ghostly International, an EP on Gerd Janson’s Running Back Records and a split EP with Ostgut Ton’s Nick Höppner, on his new label Cin Cin, 2015 was a busy year for him. In 2016, he launched a brand-new EP for Live At Robert Johnson (Frankfurt) and a South American tour.

11:00 pm: MARVIN & GUY (Permanent Vacation/Life and Death, Italy)
Style: Electronic music

The Marvin & Guy project was born under the shadow of a palm tree while a flamingo listened to tropical music, back in 2011. The duo’s first release was an EP with the Japanese label Let’s Get Lost, the “naughty child” in the expansive Mule Musiq label family. The A Side, a re-edit of the 1981 disco song “Town” by Minako Yoshida, saw such success that LGL invited the boys back for two more records the following year, numbers 19 and 22. The people at Mule welcomed Marvin & Guy back yet again to remix Eddie C’s “La Palette”, a track taken from the Slo-Mo King’s last LP. This time, the pair began to gain the attention of decadent New Yorkers, adding a fifth release to their growing discography, with Jacques Renault’s On The Prowl Records. In 2013, they created their own super exclusive eponymous 12 inch label. UWIH came first, a dark, hypnotic edit, resonating with DJs, fans and critics alike. Soon after came the equally well-loved Making Love EP.

In February 2015, when Dance Abilities was released on Los Angeles-based label Young Adults, it quickly gained support from DJs who like their dance music served raw, emotive and song-like. Egoísta soon arrived on Hivern Discs and was a hit in every kind of club all around the world. In their spare time, the boys have been honing their talents as remixers, with many labels singling them out for their signature swaggering sound. Meanwhile, in the DJ booth, Marvin & Guy have been taking their talents global, their ability to spin through from disco to techno. When you ask what kind of music they play, the answer will always be “Groovy Techno”.

10:00 pm: AUTO (Fever/Art After Dark, Bilbao)
Style: Electronic music

Javi Franco took his first steps as a DJ and promoter in the 1990s. In 1998, he founded the collective NoData, aimed at the promotion of the culture of electronic music. In November 2005, he opened Fever. He has been one of the club managers since then. Since 2008, he has been one of the artistic program directors of Art After Dark, a project developed in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

As a DJ, Javi has performed in Ghent, Leuven, Montpellier, Vienna, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Munich, among other European cities. He knows how to connect with his audience. His sets offer an exquisite, perfect blend of electronic and techno music. In his most recent performances, he has shared the booth with the likes of DJ Hell, Oliver Koletzki, &ME, Agoria, and Erol Alkan, among others.