Style: Electronic

The notion of balance is core to Hunter/Game’s music, and is related to being born in Milan, a sophisticated urban hub, yet surrounded by natural spaces where its inhabitants can enjoy the contrast with city life. Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bartola form the duo that was a part of Milan’s techno scene since the very beginning, and they continue to receive that two-fold inspiration from the city and nature: their music brings the urban pulse of techno together with the introspective and contemplative gaze provided by the melody.

Hunter/Game came about in 2010 with the Just This parties, held in secret locations in the outskirts of the city, making Milan a mandatory stop for electronic music artists. They have recorded with labels such as Innervisions, Rumours, Last Night on Earth, My Favourite Robot, Hot Creations, Dynamic and Kompakt and the exuberant, profound acoustic landscapes of their EPs earn them more and more fans. In 2015, they created their own label, Just This, specialised in initiatives like their own style, for the most demanding dance floors.

Even though they have performed in international clubs like Fabric, The Edge, Warung, Output, Wilde Renate and Studio 80, Milan is still their home base. The blend of the urban and rural aspect and the combination of sophistication and lucidity are fundamental for this duo’s inspiration and sound experimentation.

Style: Electronic

After working in sound design for the fashion industry, Pisetzky began his eponymous project at the end of 2014. He showed his talent and ability in musical research at some main world events, such as La Plaza del Pueblo Español (during the Off Sonar week), Culture Box (Copenhagen), the Innervisions night (Venice), ADE (Holland), Barrakud Festival (Croatia and Greece), Amore Festival (Rome), BPM Festival (Mexico) and Zur Wilden Renate (Berlin), and also formed part of Cocoon’s summer team in Spain and is a permanent fixture at Social Music City.

As a producer, he launched his own EP in 2015, Just This, which has been spun by great DJs, such as Tale of Us, Dixon, Laurent Garnier, Mind Against, Dubfire, Marco Carola, Scuba, Mano le Tough and many more. Recently, he released a single in collaboration with Hunter/Game, on Last Night on Earth, breaking through all the hit lists.

Pisetzky loves deep bass lines with different acoustic dimensions. His style, always powerful and melancholic, moves hearts and minds through multi-layered acoustic landscapes.

Style: Electronic

Always with an ear for new trends, The Invaders Go Electronic!’s sessions range from a stolid electro sound to the most elegant techno and house. Since 2012, they have acted as a permanent fixture in Bullshit Club, Fever’s initiative for the most avant-garde trends in electronic music, and currently, one of the flagship parties within the genre.







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