Art After Dark: Scuba + DJV Sound

12 am Scuba: Scuba (Hotflush, London) 
Style: Electronic

Since 2003, Paul Rose, better known to the world as Scuba, and his Hotflush Recordings have shaped the direction of the bass-heavy electronic scene. As a DJ and producer, Rose’s personal achievements have seen him ascend to rank among the UK’s electronic luminaries. He has released three artist albums, spun a mix for the DJ Kicks series, run a night at Berghain, and won a DJ Mag Best Live Act award in 2013. A musical contrarian, Scuba has deliberately pushed against dance music currents, changing course when it suits him. After his 2008 debut A Mutual Apathy, full of melancholy, he released Triangulation in 2010, a widely steeped in shadowy cross-genre electronics. After experimenting with 4/4 rhythms under the pseudonym SCB, in 2011 he released Adrenalin, an EP which paved the way for the following year’s jubilant 90’s house-inflected Personality album. As a label, Hotflush’s output has changed as much as the constantly developing Scuba sound. The label’s 2015 release of Claustrophobia and the launches for Locked Groove and Recondite are worth mentioning.


10 pm: DJV Sound (Fever, Bilbao) 
Style: Electronic

DJV Sound was a pioneer in Bilbao’s underground electronic scene and the city’s ambassador at some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs for more than two decades. He founded the NoData collective in the 90s and has been co-directing the club Fever since 2005. In his sessions he draws dense, dynamic landscapes, disturbing scenes of hypnotic content and vast amounts of emotion.

Ganadores del sorteo de las 20 entradas gratis para dos personas:

  • Maria Iriarte Uriarte
  • Iñigo Garate Monleon
  • Nerea Artetxe
  • Janire Gordon
  • Paula Aldekoa Montoya
  • Patricia de la Hoz Gemar
  • Marina Gorostiza Santa Cruz
  • Lorea Sandianes Sánchez
  • Ander González Suárez
  • Nazaret Froufe Bono
  • Marina Pintor Rey
  • Iker Moreno Garcia
  • Clemente de la Morinerie
  • Asier Gil Almandoz
  • Montse Bilbao Fernández
  • Julene Albizuri Markaida
  • Tamas Harangozo
  • Manuel Laguia
  • Adriana Perez Conesa
  • Carmel Martin Cela

¡Enhorabuena! Si tu nombre está en la lista de ganadores, nos pondremos en contacto contigo para hacerte llegar la entrada.


Now on sale on the website and in lockers until 19:30 h from 21:30 h of the event date. Tickets available. Limited capacity. Ages 18 and older. ID or passport required.

Museum admission not allow free access to Fever

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