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Art Corner

Open for holidays!

Explore, look, play and create.

Children can experiment, read, play and create in this educational area packed with stimulation, colors and textures, learning the fun way about different aspects of art and architecture. Meanwhile, the adults can either visit the exhibitions or stay with their children.

Calendar: Easter 2016: March 21 – April 3
Time:  11 am-5 pm
Ages: from 2 to 8

How to sign up? Buy the special ticket for this program at the Museum offices and complete your registration at the Information desk.

Price: €4 per child or €2 if you are a Museum Member.

Where? Educational space (next to the Group entrance)

The activity will last for approximately 1½ hrs.

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More information

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm by calling 94 435 90 90.

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