12 midnight: Danny Daze (Omnidisc, Miami)
Style: Electronic music

Steeped in Miami’s B-boy culture, it was classic electro and Miami bass that conceived Danny Daze’s love for the experimental Dutch electro and Detroit techno scenes of the 1990s. Daniel Gomez, aka Danny Daze, was spinning at weddings by age 14, funneling his earnings into vinyl to play raves on the side. That eventually led to producing his first tracks in 2004 and later that year, he jumpstarted an electro/techno white label called Omniamm. Daze’s risk-taking and punk approach is at the core of everything he does. It is also a big part of the ethos of his current label, Omnidisc, prioritizing freeform and experimental approaches over chart-topping hits. As a DJ, he prefers to express his versatility across long sets. He is known to cut and weave from electro to techno, deliberately intended to provoke a reaction. As a producer, his output ranges from releases on Kompakt’s Speicher series to remixes on Phantasy, Comeme, Monkeytown and others, but he also reaches far beyond techno and has created original runway soundtracks for award-winning American streetwear designer John Elliott and the Australian brand Song for the Mute. “I’m obsessed with the detailed manipulation of audio. It’s at the core of how I make music. (…) I’ve always gone against the grain and it’s important for everything I do to feel authentic. There isn’t much difference between Daniel Gomez and Danny Daze.”

11 pm: Dimitri Veimar (Turbo Recordings/Clouded Vision, Russia)
Style: Electronic music

In the words of Daniel Avery, Dimitri Veimar makes modern-day acid house with an air of techno cool and swagger to it. It was Veimar’s remix of Avery’s “Water Jump” that announced his talent to the world. Produced without the original parts, Veimar constructed a rework that immediately won the heart of its original creator. Dimitri’s style is unique and refreshing, a mix of sinister and often sleazy-edged electronica and dark, raw-dog electro/break beat. His tracks have been released by Omnidisc, Renate, and, more recently, by Turbo Recordings.

10 pm: Balza (Haus Of Beats, B.E.T., Basque Country)
Style: Electronic music

Balza has been performing in nightclubs in the Basque Country for the past 15 years. He is a resident DJ at Sala 3.60 in Arrasate, and in Ziripot and Sala Jam in Bergara. Moreover, he is a member of the programming team at Sala Jam, along with three mates. He is one of the founding members of Kogollo Party Krew, which has been active for over ten years. More than 15 years ago, he took his first steps in the radio at Txapa Irratia, where he had a hip-hop show. For the past 18 months, he has been the host of an electronic music show, Haus Of Beats, broadcast by Txapa Irratia (Bergara), Hala Bedi Irratia (Vitoria), and KKinZona (Zumarraga/Urretxu). He is also one of the organizers of B.E.T (Bergarako Elektronika Topaketa), a festival whose third edition was held in 2017. Although he is basically a house music DJ, he explores other genres to, such as ambient/downtempo or soft techno, which includes house, disco and electro music.


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