12 midnight: Oliver Koletzki (Stil vor Talent, Berlin)
Style: Electronic music

On his sixth album, The Arc of Tension, the Berlin-based DJ and producer Oliver Koletzki presents his remarkable vision of contemporary electronic music, while assuming the role of a storyteller. The Arc of Tension speaks as a singular, self-contained work, which communicates by way of its natural flow and arc of suspense.

While Koletzki focused on a diverse range of vocal collaborations on his previous LPs, he now moves on to a different form of storytelling, rooted in the quiet confidence of a veteran musician. The Arc of Tension is a psychonautic journey through the various continents of Oliver’s consciousness. The quiet chirps and warbles, which initially unfold on the opener “A Tribe Called Kotori”, thus act as a loose associative bridge to “Der Mückenschwarm”, his big breakthrough hit of 2005. The first minutes of the album leave no room for doubt: we are immediately locked into an autobiographical world of sound that knows how to captivate us from the get-go.

11:00 pm: Moa Anbessa (Venice)
Style: Dub, reggae

Moa Anbessa is a collective of musicians and singers, a roots/dub reggae sound system and a recording studio based in Venice, Italy, and active since 2001. Their label is worshipped by music fans worldwide and their vinyl releases – Watch Dem, Evil Fi Burn, Jah Jah Thank You – are true collector’s items. Their music has reached the backpacks of the big names of the dub and roots reggae sound system: Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Channel One, and so on. No wonder that they are regularly having sessions around Italy and Europe…

10:00 pm: Follow the Party (Fever, Bilbao)
Style: R&B, funk, afro-dancehall

Follow The Party is a collective made up by DJs Ander Ondarra and Javi Otadui, and a speaker, XX, which acts as emcee for their DJ sessions. They came together in 2008, when Ondarra and Otadui threw a birthday party in their style and thought of adding their proposal to Bilbao’s nightlife, where they found a gap in entertainment options for people of their generation and/or inner circle.

Drawing on a wide range of genres and with black music as their backbone – hip hop, R&B, funk, reggae, afro-dancehall –, Follow The Party have managed to attract an audience that feels identified with them, offering a cultural harmony without precedent in Bilbao.


Now on sale on the website and in lockers until 19:30 h from 21:30 h of the event date. Tickets available. Limited capacity. Ages 18 and older. ID or passport required.

Museum admission not allow free access to Fever

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