12:00 pm: Trikk (Innervisions, Portugal)
Style: Electronic music

Trikk is one of Porto’s finest exports—a city that is gathering a reputation as a great incubator of underground movements and the ultimate source of inspiration for musicians of the most obscure subgenres. He was praised as a young talent and embraced by many as a new star to look out for after releasing his work on labels such as ManMakeMusic and Lossless, and his remixes for Hotflush Recordings and Pets Recordings. Today, he is a producer and DJ in London. Trikk explores mainly house aesthetics in complex tracks that are wisely composed. Trikk is fast, slow, rough and smooth, all at the same time. Young, courageous and unique: a true member of today’s underground.

11:00 midnight: Musumeci (Diynamic, Italy)
Style: Electronic music

Musumeci is the stage name of Mauro Di Martino, Sicilian DJ and producer since the late 1980s. Di Martino is one of the founders of the digital download shop Inndigital as well as A&R for What Ever Not Records and Engrave Ltd. With the Rules series, begun in 2009, he made his first appearance on the homonymous imprint with a sound that represents a sum of his electronic music roots: a mixture of the Balearic touch, Detroit techno influences and deep house vibe. In 2012, the Maltese label Batti Batti released his EP Astounding Science Music for MP3 download, where he pays tribute to his favorite sci-fi authors—J. G. Ballard, Arthur C. Clark, Issac Asimov, and others—, with a sound inspired by Chicago’s early house atmosphere. In 2013, he turned to techno in Human Evolution, a thread he picked again in The Gemini Project (Engrave Ltd., 2014), whose seven tracks put him on the map, earning him support from an apparently disparate bunch of DJs from all over the world: Dixon, Mano Le Tough, Sasha, Christian Prommer, and others.

10:00 pm: Josu Aramburu (Fever, Bilbao)
Style: Electronic music

This impossibly young DJ has earned himself a place with local promoters, who have placed him alongside M.A.N.D.Y., Matador, Laura Jones, Marc Romboy, Marc Houle, Digitaria, Barem, Agents Of Time, DJ Tennis, Maayan Nidam, Coyu, Mendo, Deborah De Luca, Gaiser, Traumer, Detlef, Hector, Secondcity, Neverdogs, Sam Paganini, Sasha Carassi, Dosem, Leon, Raxon, Wade, Franco Cinelli, El_Txef_A, Indira Paganotto, Clip! or Kasper. In 2013, he started up The Addams Party with other youngsters from the city Bergara. At present, he is a bimonthly resident DJ at Fever Bilbao, where he is the organizer of the Blue Waves party.


Now on sale on the website and in lockers until 19:30 h from 21:30 h of the event date. Tickets available. Limited capacity. Ages 18 and older. ID or passport required.

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