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Audiovisual Cycle: ART21 ACCESS 100ARTISTS

On the occasion of ART21 producing documentary no. 100, we are proud to present the first of two selections of their best known documentaries linked, in this case, to artists featuring in the Guggenheim Collections. ART21 is an American production company, tied in with the PBS channel, producing extraordinary educational material on modern art. This year it is offering its ACCESS 100ARTISTS program free of charge as part of the international celebration in honor of its 100th documentary.

Artists such as John Baldessari, Matthew Barney, Louise Bourgeois, or William Kentridge, among others, are featured in the first series, which will deal with such different concepts as consumerism, spirituality, protest, identity, history, change, ecology, loss, or desire.

The second presentation, with new audiovisuals, will take place in October.

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