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Chair of scientific culture of The University of The Basque Country

Science and Art Workshops which examine the relationship between these two forms of knowledge so apparently different from each other. Four gatherings with the participation of artists and professionals from different disciplines:

Thursday, April 6, 7–9 pm
The Science that Harbors and Reveals our Artistic Legacy: Oskar González, Ainhoa Sanz, and Aitziber Velasco

Thursday, April 27, 7–9 pm
Knowledge and Representation in Nature: José Ramón Marcaida and Clara Cerviño y Xavier Durán.

Thursday, May 11, 7–9 pm
Analogies between Art and Science as Forms of Knowledge: Juan Luis Moraza and Pau Alsina

Thursday, May 25, 7–9 pm
Science as a Tool of Art: Deborah García, Jacobo Castellano, and Sergio Prego

Venue : Auditorium





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Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm by calling 94 435 90 90.

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