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One of the main events to mark the Museum’s 20th Anniversary, Chasmata is a show bringing art and science together. Organized with the invaluable collaboration of BBK, without whose support it would not have been possible, as well as the cooperation of the European Space Agency (ESA), Chasmata will take the audience on a “journey into space” through unpublished images of Mars and the presence of astronaut Pedro Duque, who will share with the participants a message coming from the International Space Station.

In Chasmata, contemporary art meets the cosmos at the crossroads through several fields: astrogeology, instrumental music, electronic music, and the visual arts. Chasmata finds inspiration in the cosmos, Frank Gehry’s building, and Richard Serra’s The Matter of Time, through the saxophone and new technologies. A unique, immersive concert, Chasmata will feature six especially composed instrumental pieces performed by over 100 saxophonists who will be located in different locations around the Museum Atrium and will interact with electronic devices.

Please note:

If you are coming to Chasmata and have a smartphone, please make sure you download this app in advance and bring your phone to the show – available on Google Play for Android and in App Store for iOS. This way, you will be able to join the performers in one of the pieces, callingHiggs.

CallingHiggs APP download – Android

CallingHiggs APP download – iPhone

Show info
Runtime: 80 min
Target audience: Adults although kids over 12 will also be admitted
Venue: Atrium. No seats available


For an ensemble of saxophones, electronic instruments, mobile phones, sculptures, and multi-screen projection.
Composers: Ángel Arranz (AA) and José López-Montes (JLM)
With the collaboration: Íñigo Ibaibarriaga (II), Casper Schipper (CS) and Alba G. Corral (AgC).
Music directors: Matilda Hoffman and Maite Aurrekoetxea

Sigma Project Quartet, Saxophone quartet
Het Nederlands Saxofoon Octet, ensemble Saxophone
100 saxophone orchestra

Serraphonie [AA & CS]
Bass saxophone quartet, electronic instruments, and sculptures
With Richard Serra’s The Matter of Time

Juventae Chasma [JLM, II & AgC]
Saxophone, electronic instruments, and video

Ius Chasma [JLM]
Three saxophone quartets and video

Message from the International Space Station
Presented by Pedro Duque and Juan Ignacio Vidarte

Valles Marineris [AA, JLM, CS & AgC]
Bass saxophone quartet, baritone saxophone, 100 saxophone orchestra, 17-channel electronic instruments and video screenings

I. Candor Chasma Saxophone octet, electronic instruments, and video

II. CallingHiggs For mass telephone and video orchestra

III. Valles Marineris For bass saxophone quartet, baritone saxophone, 100 saxophone orchestra, 17-channel electronic instruments and video screenings

Produced by The DK <projection>.



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Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm by calling 94 435 90 90.

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