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Curatorial Lab

Curatorial Lab is an initiative of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao that presents the interventions and projects envisioned by young Basque curators specifically for the Museum’s gallery 103B. This program is an evolution of what got underway in 2012 to mark the Museum’s 15th anniversary. Curatorial Lab will unfold over the course of 2013 and will consist in three different projects curated by three curators; in this way, curatorial voice and museum space are lent to local emerging artistic practice.

Name After (Izena Gero) is the title of the first project curated by Iskandar Rementeria (Bilbao, 1979). This collective exhibition features Lorea Alfaro (Estella-Lizarra, 1982), David Martínez Suárez (La Hueria, El Entrego, 1984), Jon Otamendi (Getxo, 1978), and Manu Uranga (Zumaia, 1980), who are part of a generation of artists who assume the legacy of a specific knowledge of art conveyed for decades in the artistic context of the Basque Country. The purpose of this knowledge is to accomplish what we all must do: construct ourselves. These artists believe that the purpose of creation is its “transformational vitality” and they use their commitment to art as the source of their social role, in which the very artist— responsible for his art and his time—is transformed: art has a place of its own.

In Ele, Lorea Alfaro performs an exercise of adapting and using preexisting elements in the gallery, framing and expanding the notion of the painterly surface and examining the relationships and boundaries between form, text, and art. In Take a DeepBreath (Respirahondo), an interdisciplinary dialogue between photography and sculpture, David Martínez Suárez captures a moment of defenselessness in which the human torso becomes the image of sculptural materiality. Jon Otamendi’s To the Minority, Always (A la minoría, siempre) consists of a spatial reordering of the gallery done with minimal material resources; this operation reshapes the relationship between the human measure and the space around it. Plena Dena, November 6. Puerto Rico, 2012 (Plena Dena, 6 de noviembre, Puerto Rico 2012), Plant Ceiling (Planta Sabaia), and Wall (Pareta) are three key videos in Manu Uranga’s oeuvre that, through the interaction with the rest of works, create new meanings.

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