As a way of bringing the exhibition Thomas Struth to a close, we are organizing a series of not-to-be-missed activities with the artist himself, connecting photography and music.

A music workshop with Frank Bungarten, guitarist and professor, targeted at professional musicians and students over 15. If you are interested, please send your resumé and a short essay (in Spanish or English) under the title, “Practicing: What is the problem?” (100 words max) to hezkuntza@guggenheim-bilbao-eus until January 15. The participants will be selected by Bungarten himself. Limited number of places available.

The workshop will also be open to the general public, who can follow it from the seating area. Tickets available at the admission desk or the Museum website as from December 4 (Museum Members) or December 9 (Museum Followers and general public).

Language: English. Translation into English available.