AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center

AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, founded in 2009, is a European center for the generation of value for the automotive sector. Based in the Basque Country, its futuristic design and pioneer business model emerged to address the challenges of the 21st century.

The center is based on an open innovation concept, where organizations improve their competitiveness through cooperation. Private spaces and shared areas equipped with cutting-edge technology co-exist under the same roof, attracting leading professionals, companies, technological centers, and universities to work together in such unique environment.

Under a market approach, AIC and its international network offer capabilities that enable its stakeholders to lead globally the mobility transition and its diverse trends. The center integrates intelligence, training, research, industrial development and new businesses in one ecosystem. At the moment, 30 organizations of 10 different nationalities, and more than 950 professionals are located in its facilities.

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