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Program Benefits

The Corporate Members Program seeks the participation of all institutions and companies wishing to actively participate in the Guggenheim project. Corporate sponsorship is not only one of the Museum’s principal sources of funds, but it also permits us to uphold the highest standards in all of our artistic and educational programs.

We therefore offer all institutions and companies that wish to participate in the Program a number of collaborative options with a range of benefits. If your company would like to join the Corporate Members Program, we would be delighted to design a customized collaboration plan.


  • Founding trustees
  • Strategic Trustees
  • Trustees
  • Corporate Benefactors
  • Media Benefactors
  • Associate Companies


Corporate and Honorary Members Department

Tel.: (+34) 944 35 90 16      Fax: (+34) 944 35 90 09      E-mail:


Public recognition

  • Mention on the Sponsors plaque in the Museum Hall.
  • Mention in Museum publications: reports, catalogues, website, etc.
  • Public acknowledgment in the press through museum advertising, press releases, etc.

Use of spaces

  • Possibility of holding meetings, congresses, or conferences in the Museum Auditorium.
  • Possibility of holding cocktail parties, dinners and launches in the Hall or the Atrium.

Use of the Museum image

  • Possibility of using the image of the Museum on company communications (adverts in the press, leaflets, reports, TV commercials, etc.)
  • Use of the Museum Corporate Member logo.

Invitations to exhibition openings

Admission benefits

  • Corporate passes giving free admission to the Museum.
  • Passes giving free admission to international museums.
  • Complimentary tickets for gift purposes.
  • Guided tours for groups.

Corporate gifts

  • Discounts
  • Personalized gifts

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