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As a Museum Member, you get free admission to all exhibitions.

With your Member card, you do not need a ticket. Just have your card read by the scanner situated on the way the Atrium and get direct access to the Museum.

If you have left your Member card at home, you can use your e-card on your cell phone. Just go to the Private Area and save an image of your e-card in your cell, so that you can use it even without an Internet connection.

If you have no Member or e-card, go to our Community desk, next to the Information desk, and show your ID. Our staff will check your identity and give you access to the Museum.

If you are coming with people who are not Museum Members, you can get their tickets at the Priority desk (the closest to the Atrium), skipping the lines of regular desks. International Members can have one additional free ticket for their guest also from the Priority desk.