Proyecto Berlín

In 1997, together with media artist Klaus vom Bruch, Thomas Struth created a video for which the two artists filmed scenes independently at different locations around the world and then edited their material together. Because the scenes were filmed using stationary cameras, in sequences with large crowds the individual practically disappears, or is only fleetingly perceived. In four projections with original sound, everyday scenarios from different cultures are depicted, along with the attendant phenomena of the big city, such as speed and random juxtapositions and encounters. This work also addresses the easy accessibility of exotic locations and travel in general in an era of mass tourism and the accompanying flood of holiday photos as a socially relevant phenomenon.

The original plan was to present the individual scenes in Berlin on a large video wall in a public space—like images used for advertising purposes—to confront local passersby with passersby from other parts of the world; it was never realized for technical reasons.