Crazy Letters

Artist: Elssie Ansareo
Medium: Painting and writing
School: CP Las Viñas
Year: 6th grade
Areas and related subjects: Basque Language and Literature
Teacher: Inmaculada López


Promote the use of English in a fun, practical, and creative way.


Paper, pencil, tempera, paintbrushes, fabric.


  1. Traditional rhymes and language games are used as a reference for the students to write a poem in English about themselves.
  2. They discuss inventing a special font to write the poem. The students study different typographies they can find in posters and ads.
  3. They then analyze the expressive possibilities of colors and shapes, and what they might contribute to the message.
  4. They design their own font. This group’s is called "crazy letters," i.e., funny letters with eyes, feet, or tails.
  5. The poem is written with the crazy letters.
  6. The group poem is painted on a large piece of fabric, like a banner.
  7. When painting the banner we also work with mathematics and geometry.