EGERIA, 2018

The monumental Egeria to be produced for the main atrium of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao will be one of the most ambitious of this important group of works inspired by the female characters from Norse mythology. Following the Valkyries created for spaces such as the Palazzo Grassi, in Venice, and the legendary Palace of Versailles, or the ARoS Museum of Art and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Joana Vasconcelos will combine different industrial textiles with traditional handmade techniques and LED lights.

This series of iconic pieces is characterized by its suspension from the ceiling and its unusual organic forms. The Valkyries have known important and significant evolutions since the first work, created in 2004. This major installation will occupy the main atrium, interacting with Frank Gehry’s architecture, and the exterior through its large glass windows. Seductive bulbous shapes and elongated arms burst out of the main body reaching different levels of the building. Egeria will reveal an exuberant selection of colours, varied textures and rich details, resulting from an assertive combination of industrial textiles and artisanal techniques – patchwork, bead embroidery and crochet. The artist’s challenging work also incorporates thousands of LED lights, creating a spectacular play of light. Egeria will take on the character of a gentle guardian: the sublime heart of the museum that enlightens the creative spirit of woman.