The World in Our Hands

Artist: Manu Muniategiandikoetxea
Technique: painting, photography, and sculpture
School: CP Lezo
Year: 2nd
Related areas and subjects: Social Studies
Teacher: Teresa Tamayo


to reinforce personality and identity development.


corrugated paper, tempera, paint brushes, camera, paper lanterns, and t-shirts.


  1. Each student designs their own t-shirt with spray paint. Putting the t-shirts on makes them part of a collective, a working group of artists where they play the leading part.
  2. We take a circle, a globe shape, as a symbol of the world and starting point for the project.
  3. On little spheres, paper lanterns, the schoolchildren portray different realities of the world: cultures and identities, geographies, landscapes, and economies.
  4. They create a circle of around 4 meters, superimposing rectangular pieces of carton and cutting round the edges to make them circular.
  5. In different colors, they paint big blots, abstract lines, and shapes on the cardboard.
  6. Using the same pictorial space requires negotiation, sharing, and respect for others. Working as a team, each individual contributes their grain of sand.
  7. Once dry, the students lie in a circle on the enormous colored piece of cardboard to represent all of the children in the world!
  8. A photograph is taken of each student side-on, and each one adds their body to complete their portrait.
  9. The paper lanterns and self-portraits are stuck to the cardboard.