"Eskeleto" and its colors

Artist: Ainhoa Ortells
Media: painting and sculpture
School: C.P. Virgen de la Guía (Portugalete)
Years: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th
Related areas: Social and Natural Sciences, social harmony, and interculturality
Teachers: Marta Artetxe, Aitziber Milikua and Eusko Basterretxea


To appreciate the differences and similarities between people, and to enjoy them.


Colored pencils and papers, tracing paper, scissors and glue, plastic skeleton, tempera paints and paintbrushes.


  1. An explanation is given in class as to how human beings all have something in common: the bones of the body. We are all the same in this respect: the skeleton therefore makes us similar to one another.
  2. The debate comes to the conclusion that, although we all have a skeleton, each of us leads a different life, has specific characteristics, a particular “color”.
  3. The discussion is symbolically translated into two creative exercises.
  4. A photocopy of a skeleton is reproduced several times with the help of tracing paper.
  5. The students then paint several versions of the same skeleton.
  6. Using paint and pieces of paper, they lend color to the background and the figure, giving the skeleton life and personality.
  7. They share and compare the potential symbolisms of each color.
  8. On a model the same size as a human skeleton, the students name the main bones and analyze the way they function.
  9. The skeleton becomes “Eskeleto”, a character with its own name, brought to “life” by the students by painting it with symbolic colors, looking for backgrounds, dressing it.... and finally transforming it into several personalities.