Playing with ladders

Artista: Ibon Garagarza

Artist: Ibon Garagarza
Medium: Painting and sculpture
School: CP Arrankudiaga
Year: 5th and 6th grade
Areas and related subjects: Natural and Social Science
Teachers: Javier Bravo and Iratxe Agirre


To analyze the immediate environment and how to change it through art.


Strips of wood, glue, tempera, and paintbrushes.


  1. Studentes create a public work of art for their town.
  2. After observing different images of public art, the students go outside to come up with their own interventions.
  3. They plan their projects, studying location, feasibility, and possibilities.
  4. This class decides to install in their playground a piece based on the shape of a ladder, a typical architectural feature seen in the facades of many houses in the area.
  5. They paint strips of wood and glue them together, creating different ladder designs.
  6. All the ladders made by the class are piled up or intertwined in an experiment with balance. Thus they construct a shelter, an enclosed space in the middle of an open park.