Starting in 1966, Georg Baselitz developed the so-called “Fracture Paintings”, which continued the heroes theme. Now he divided the canvas into two or three horizontal sections and painted the body fragments independently of one another. They are interrelated – but somehow don’t really join to form a cohesive figure.

“I have tried to readjust or tidy up something I created unconsciously, passionately, and purely emotionally. And that is something that I am still trying to do today. I think most orderly people are those who keep accounts books. They add upt by drawing a line and draw those numbers then top them up and then have the sum total at the bottom. I think being orderly is a wonderful thing and I have tried to transfer that to my pictures. Now, I thought, you have a large canvas if that is what you want and can start at the top or base if that is what you want. And it is usually at the top then you stop and start again a new. You have got upper part section in your memory but you don’t know exactly where you stopped so you know where you have to start again, so you postponed it. All intentionally”