Looking at Nature


Related subject or curricular area: Science

18 schoolchildren, grade 1, Buenos Aires School, Gallarta

Teacher: Ainhoa Sergio

Artists: Jorge Rubio, Manu Uranga

Language: Basque

By connecting science to art, this project led to new, fresh, fun ways of looking at science, inviting the pupils to rediscover this school subject. At the workshops, they discussed landscapes, the natural/animal world, and the classroom itself from original points of view, in an effort to better understand the things around them. What is a wasp like? What color is the landscape? What makes a plant a plant? What happens if you turn the classroom into something different? The activities were presented as games, so that the kids– first-graders–learned as they played.

New ways of looking at animals, plants, and habitats were explored. Then, the kids painted big murals of the landscape and drew the animals living there, opening up multiple channels of expression. Meanwhile, they pondered over the spatial perception of the classroom while playing creative games that encouraged them to move furniture around, change places, crawl around the desks, hide objects, and draw from memory. In this way, the children–the inhabitants of an ever-changing ecosystem (the classroom)–became the protagonists of the project.