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Past exhibition

Learning Through Art 2020

06.26.2020 - 09.27.2020

Art as a Learning Tool

Talking about art and participating in the artists’ creative process is a way for elementary schoolchildren to deal with curricular topics from a different perspective.

Kids tend to learn better when they play an active role and have a say in their own learning process. This program encourages them to ask questions, give free rein to curiosity, explore inspiring ideas, and experience the thrill of discovery.

Each project is bespoke and unique. They have all been designed as open processes and adjusted to meet individual skills and interests. When implemented, they make room for play and improvisation, research and exploration, trial and error. In the artistic process, kids think, appreciate, choose, try, have doubts, have fun, get lost, get stuck, and, of course, make mistakes–for there can be no progress without mistakes.

The school year is coming to a close, and so is this project. The creative process can now be shown and shared. Staging and showing an exhibition gives a new meaning to the work done. By reaching out to others, the exhibition brings the artistic process to a close. The works meet their viewers. The kids will have the chance of showing what they did in the Museum, in an event that is bound to boost their self-esteem and to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Like every summer, the Education Space at the Museum will be filled with works by schoolchildren. From 26 June to 27 September, visitors will be able to take a look at them, as they enjoy the little artists’ fresh, original perspectives.


The Exhibition

Visible and Invisible

Colegio San Gabriel de Trápaga

Drawing, Body, City

 Colegio Zamakola- Juan Delmás, Bilbao

Looking at Nature

Colegio Buenos Aires, Gallarta



Ansareo, Elssie

“Art was used to encourage a different way of thinking in the kids, to visualize topics in new ways and deal with them from a different perspective.” Elssie Ansareo


López, Maider

“We tried to recreate the shapes of the mountains and rocks in the surroundings with our own bodies. We experienced the landscape in our bodies, changing the classroom routine and using dynamics in which cooperation and coordination are a must,...

Inaki Gracenea 768x432

Gracenea, Iñaki

“The project’s main goal was to make the kids experience geometry, illustrating it with examples from their environment and analyzing everyday objects for geometric properties. Art was a vehicle for visual experimentation with objects and...


Muniategiandikoetxea, Manu

“One of the project’s big concepts was the day that, sooner or later, research, daily work and study help you find the way. Or rather, they are the way. The process, rather than the result, is what matters. Another big concept was the importance...


Sáenz de Olazagoitia, Ibon

“In Samaniego School I came across a multicultural group–young, responsive children, open to trying new things. The project idea was clear right from the start. The school, embarked on a space project, gave us an assignment to equip Noski–the...

manu uranga 768x432

Uranga, Manu

“Finding the materials, techniques and shapes, and arranging them according to the group’s needs takes time. Sometimes, having just one way of managing a project like this one can be detrimental, and in our specific case, it’s quite unrealistic....