Artist: Naia del Castillo
Medium: Painting, photography, and artistic action
School: CP Judimendi
Year: 3rd grade
Areas and related subjects: Coexistence; Language and Literature
Teachers:Isabel López and Karmele Paz


To promote cohesion and respect among the students.


Paper, tempera, paintbrushes, colored shirts, T-shirts, camera, scissors.


  1. The group draws up a manifesto, a joint declaration of intent, emulating artists groups of such as Dadaists and Futurists.
  2. The students come up with words that express their goals, values, and common interests.
  3. They then create the letters of the Basque alphabet using their bodies.
  4. For each letter, one student becomes the project director, and selects the number of people and colors needed to create the letter with their bodies. They are then photographed.
  5. The process involves psychomotor skills in a fun and creative way.
  6. The letters are used to write the manifesto.
  7. The written concepts of the manifesto are printed on the T-shirts to spread their message.
  8. The students make a drawing of each concept and learn to synthesize and express complex ideas with simple images. Attaching images to ideas helps to better understand the concept.
  9. The manifesto is staged in a fun group performance using gestures and movements to express the concepts.