14 students, 3rd grade, Judimendi School, Vitoria-Gasteiz

14 students, 3rd grade, Judimendi School, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Language: Basque
Artist: Ibon Sáenz de Olazagoitia
Teacher: Alazne Otegi

This project used Science content to focus on the representation of nature based on observation. The idea was to portray what was invisible to the naked eye, kindling curiosity and encouraging the students to be more in contact with the world around them and to become aware of the importance of respecting and caring for nature.

Different devices and techniques were used, including a microscope, a scanner, photo developing/printing, and anthotypes (images created using photosensitive materials from plants like beet, spinach and turmeric). An anthotype is the result of an emulsion made from light-sensitive plants, fruit or vegetables, exposed to direct full sunlight and bleached out by the sun rays. In addition, the students made cellulose pulp to produce their own paper.

The group visited a science museum, drawing inspiration from the way the elements were organized, classified, and shown to make a group installation with multiple pieces, resembling yesteryear’s cabinets of curiosities: newly created shapes, curious entities, imaginary species, hidden textures, enlarged insects and other animals, and other nature-inspired items made with sticks, leaves, stones, fruit, and objects found in nature. They used art to unveil and show new ways of looking at nature and the environment.