Oviparous Animals

Artist: Naia del Castillo
Technique: Painting and sculpting
School: ES Birjinetxe, Bilbao
Tutor: María Jesús Martínez
Years: 2nd and 3rd
Area and subjects: Social Studies


To encourage pupils to find information about a subject, to experiment with techniques, tools and materials and, lastly, to convey their conclusions in the shape of a sculpture.


Scissors, glue, large paintbrushes, newspaper, tempera paint sticks, plaster bandages, water, polystyrene balls, glue gun, feathers and wooden skewers.


  1. The project focuses on oviparous animals, including birds, fish, insects and the occasional reptile.
  2. We decided to make a collective sculpture shaped like a giant egg to represent all of these oviparous creatures.
  3. We started with a hoop to create the oval egg shape.
  4. We stuffed the hoop with scrunched up newspaper and fixed it in place with masking tape.
  5. On the surface, we placed strips of paper moistened in glue diluted with water.
  6. To give it greater consistency, we added moist plaster bandages.
  7. Once the egg was dry and hard, we set about decorating it.
  8. The pupils decided to stick polystyrene balls painted with tempera paint sticks all around the big egg, in addition to colored feathers and wooden skewers.