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Past exhibition

Learning through art 2015

06.23.2015 - 09.20.2015

A creative selection of pieces made by 143 primary school children who have become artists during the 2014–2015 school year.

In this edition, Naia del Castillo, Iñaki GraceneaAinhoa Ortells, Elssie Ansareo, Maider López and Jorge Rubio bring life to workshops at various educational centers where children from 6 to 12 develop unexpected, personal works of art, using a variety of techniques including photography, painting, sculpture and performance.

Dialoguing about art and exploring topics in a creative, personal way are some of the challenges presented to the children in Learning Through Art. The objective of this program is to strengthen the school curriculum by using of art as an educational tool. The result culminates in an exhibition featuring the children’s works, loaded with the excitement and dedication of these little great artists.


Inaki Gracenea

Gracenea, Iñaki

The village and the city; representation and experience; from evocation to structure. We took a step back to take a look at the infinite world around us and then moved closer so as not to miss small details. We shared experiences, we converged in...

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Ansareo, Elssie

“Learn how to tie a bow. Begin to work on your first piece of art. Remember that there is always a first time for everything. The feeling when this happens.”

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López, Maider

“We tried to recreate the shapes of the mountains and rocks in the surroundings with our own bodies. We experienced the landscape in our bodies, changing the classroom routine and using dynamics in which cooperation and coordination are a must,...

Jorge Rubio

Rubio, Jorge

Imagination is not just an escape route but also a powerful driving force in creativity. It is one of our most powerful tools for expression and communication, for self-knowledge and transformation. We should nourish and expand our imagination so...

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del Castillo, Naia

“This year, the students at the Birjinetxe School developed an art project from start to finish. Working together, they, their teachers, and I chose a topic that we had studied and read up on, the difference between viviparous and oviparous...

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Ortells, Ainhoa

“This year we worked with the seasons: we learned to distinguish their salient characteristics, we observed and recorded the effects of each season on our environment, and we examined how our choice of clothing and accessories changes with the...