Changing landscapes

Artist: Ainhoa Ortells
Technique: Painting
School: ES Lamuza, Llodio
Year: 1st
Related areas:  Social Studies
Teacher: Itxaso Betes


To lend a new vision to curricular subjects such as landscape study.


Pencils, 4 large sheets of poster board, tracing paper, scissors, colored paper, decorative pebbles, glue, tempera paint and paintbrushes.


  1. The pupils were told to paint a same landscape at different times of the year.
  2. We discussed the things that change and those that stay the same as the seasons come and go.
  3. We made a schematic drawing of a landscape and transferred it to four different murals using tracing paper.
  4. The four murals represent a same place as the months pass: when it rains and the sun shines a rainbow appears, in autumn dry leaves lie on the ground, when it snows everything turns white...
  5. Each mural was painted in groups, choosing the colors, warm or cold, typical of each season.
  6. Textures were added to the landscape surfaces: sticking on leaves cut out of colored paper or simulating snow or ice using decorative pebbles.