Project: Healthy diet

Paula Montal

25 fourth-grade students from Paula Montal School, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Teacher: Inma Íñiguez de Ciriano

Artist: Ibon Sáenz de Olazagoitia

Language: Basque

The project involved a creative, careful consideration of healthy and sustainable food. The students were asked to create a brand of local food for a healthy diet. The products, their names, the design of logos and labels, packaging and advertising campaign strategies were discussed and agreed upon by students with different interests, skills and characters who had to interact and cooperate in a democratic process.

The students learned about fonts, design, the depiction of food in art history, the food pyramid, etc. They worked dynamically with creative games and open exercises that led them to experiment, manage trial-and-error, correct, assess, and apply what they found out, creating food collages, stop-motion videos, food prototypes and even anti-sugar superheroes.

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